Cafe Milan –

After the major disappointment of last week, I decided to go somewhere I knew I’d get what I wanted. I’d seen colleagues with sandwhiches from Cafe Milan & they always looked good, so I had high hopes.

Cafe Milan 08/02/2013
Tasty enough, though not smoked & only 2 rashers - seemed a bit stingy. Freshly cooked before my eyes though
fried to perfection
lovely, lovely - soft white, fresh thick cut, crusty loveliness
around a fiver for a coffee & a great sandwich. Not bad for London
This is on the ground floor of the building where I'm working. It's too convenient for me not to go back to


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Sandwich Bar – 108 Charring Cross Road, London


I’ve started working in London again, so I’ll have lots of exciting new places to try. Sadly my first foray in to London sarnies this year was a disaster

Sandwich Bar 01/02/2013
Weird processed looking american style strips. Neither tasty or crispy
I'm really not sure what he did here, sort of semi scrambled / fried. I *think* he put some cheese in it
The best part of the sandwich, technically it was a baguette - even though I asked for a sandwich. Oh & it was toasted too, which I didn't ask for
It was 2 weeks ago, so I can't remember what I paid. Waat ever it was was too much
bland & weird. I won't be back


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Julie Scrumptious – Worthing


Having been at home for the last week or so, I decided to pop down to WorthingCoworking today. I’d heard that Julie Scrumptious round the corner did excellent bacon sandwiches, so I decided to check them out.

Julie Scrumptious 18/01/2013
Tasty. It was reheated in the microwave, so it wasn't very crispy.
Proper Fried Egg! Result!
I decided to splash out the extra 30p for a baguette. I wasn't disappointed
£5.15 for a baguette & a coffee. Not bad
Set the bar pretty high for my first review of 2013


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Moathouse Cafe – Arundel

I’ve just started a new contract in Arundel, which for those of you that don’t know is a lovely old town nestled in the Sussex Countryside. It has a wonderful castle, a cathedral & a beautiful river which make it a very popular tourist spot. Because of that, Arundel has waaaay more eateries than you’d expect in a town this size. Expect more regular #baconfriday reviews over the next few months.

The Moathouse Cafe is somewhere that I’ve had a couple of lunches from, so I thought I’d give breakfast a whirl. I wasn’t disappointed.

Moathouse Cafe 06/07/2012
Tasty & lean. Another rasher would have been nice & it wasn't smoked. But, hey… it was still nice
Hallelujah! A fried egg. I would have preferred the yolk softer, but it was tasty
A nice white bap. Who doesn't like baps in the morning? 😐
£4.25 for a bap and a cap. Hard to argue with that
Best one for a while I think

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Cafe Oasis – Rustington

This Friday I found myself in Rustington once again. To try and compensate for last weeks disappointment I decided to try Cafe Oasis which I had spotted just round the corner.

Sadly, Oasis is one of the places where you can’t get a fried egg, however the sandwich was still pretty darn good. I enjoyed it.

Cafe Oasis 22/06/2012
lovely, smoked and despite appearances not that fatty
Egg mayo
Tasty fresh granary bread
£4.50 for a sandwich and a coffe, pretty good
had to mark them down a little bit as they don't offer fried egg, but actually I really enjoyed this sarnie

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Broadmark Cafe – Rustington

I felt the need for Bacon this morning & since I’m working in Rustington Today, I decided to pop in to the local shops & see what they had to offer. The Broadmark Cafe looked like a likely candidate for a decent BaconFriday. Sadly I was let down.

I thought I’d seen everything when it comes to fresh sandwich packaging, but Broadmark did something I’d never seen before, putting the sandwich in a styrofoam box with a side salad!

The bacon was limp & unsmoked, it was so grissly that I actually had to spit some of it out, the meat in the first half was virtually tasteless. Things improved somewhat in the second half making the over all experience just passable/

Broadmark Cafe 15/06/2012
limp, unsmoked, tastless and fatty
Ok, obviously out of a packet, but reasonably tasty with a bit of a crust
£5.45 for a poor sandwich and a mediocre coffe, not great
oh dear 🙁

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An Honest Mouthful – New Broadway, Tarring Road, Worthing

I feel like I’ve been letting my public down recently with my lack of reviews. I’m going to try and fix that. So, without further ado, here’s a review of a new place that I drive past most days.

An Honest Mouthful 30/9/11
Crispy & quite tasty, not enough of it though. Not sure if it was smoked
2 eggs poached in the microwave, not unpleasant just not what I'd choose
Fresh, ready sliced ever-so-slightly doughy. OK
£1.60 for the Sandwhich £1 for a coffee
A respectable effort, I would have been happy to pay more for more bacon

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Do you like Bacon Sarnies? Can you string a sentence together?

You may have noticed that there haven’t been any posts on here for the last few weeks. This is partly to do with the Bank Holiday Fridays & partly because I seem to have exhausted central Crawley’s supply of sandwich shops.

So I have decided to look for guest authors to contribute from other towns. If you’re interested in helping out give me a shout on twitter.

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Burger van – Crawley market

I didn’t have time to get a bacon sarnie this morning. Not wanting to let my public down I decided to get one for lunch instead. But as it was lunchtime I needed something more substatial. So this weeks bacon sarnie is a bacon baguette.

Burger van 15/04/2011
Tasty, could have been crispier, but it was tasty!
Again, tasty. Not as runny as I'd normally like, but somehow it just worked!
Lovely, crusty on the outside soft in the middle & dare I say tasty?
£3.40 with a can of coke
It didn't look great but it was one of the best Bacon Friday's for a while

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Redeli – Ship Street Brighton

This should have been published in February. I obviously just forgot to hit the button. So, for one week only you get 3 reviews in one day you lucky, lucky people
This week I decided that I’d go to Il Caffe Felice in North Street Brighton, mainly because it’s in the same building as where I’m working. Sadly, when I ordered I was informed that the didn’t do eggs. So I had a quick think and headed to Redeli on Ship Street, unfortunately it seems they don’t doe egg either.

Redeli 11/02/2011
tasty, streaky but a tiny amount & microwaved
This is a tricky one. They gave me egg mayo which is not what I asked for. It actually made a pleasant change, but it doesn't fulfill the #baconfriday criteria
Great, fresh & tasty
Egg mayo was nice for a change but wasn't what I was after

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