Broadmark Cafe – Rustington

I felt the need for Bacon this morning & since I’m working in Rustington Today, I decided to pop in to the local shops & see what they had to offer. The Broadmark Cafe looked like a likely candidate for a decent BaconFriday. Sadly I was let down.

I thought I’d seen everything when it comes to fresh sandwich packaging, but Broadmark did something I’d never seen before, putting the sandwich in a styrofoam box with a side salad!

The bacon was limp & unsmoked, it was so grissly that I actually had to spit some of it out, the meat in the first half was virtually tasteless. Things improved somewhat in the second half making the over all experience just passable/

Broadmark Cafe 15/06/2012
limp, unsmoked, tastless and fatty
Ok, obviously out of a packet, but reasonably tasty with a bit of a crust
£5.45 for a poor sandwich and a mediocre coffe, not great
oh dear 🙁

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  1. David Rosam says:

    Has something in common with the Sea Lanes Cafe’s frankly incongruous salad garnish with a slice of orange that arrives with their bacon sandwich.

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