Moathouse Cafe – Arundel

I’ve just started a new contract in Arundel, which for those of you that don’t know is a lovely old town nestled in the Sussex Countryside. It has a wonderful castle, a cathedral & a beautiful river which make it a very popular tourist spot. Because of that, Arundel has waaaay more eateries than you’d expect in a town this size. Expect more regular #baconfriday reviews over the next few months.

The Moathouse Cafe is somewhere that I’ve had a couple of lunches from, so I thought I’d give breakfast a whirl. I wasn’t disappointed.

Moathouse Cafe 06/07/2012
Tasty & lean. Another rasher would have been nice & it wasn't smoked. But, hey… it was still nice
Hallelujah! A fried egg. I would have preferred the yolk softer, but it was tasty
A nice white bap. Who doesn't like baps in the morning? 😐
£4.25 for a bap and a cap. Hard to argue with that
Best one for a while I think

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3 Responses to Moathouse Cafe – Arundel

  1. Alex Chittock says:

    Damn you fordie, now I’m hungry.

  2. fordie says:

    I just had another bap from the Moathouse & honestly… it was one of the best BaconFridays in a long time. They would have had a near perfect score with that one!

  3. Kate says:

    Love this blog.

    Have you tried the Sussex Produce Company in Steyning? Best bacon I ever tasted.

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