Julie Scrumptious – Worthing


Having been at home for the last week or so, I decided to pop down to WorthingCoworking today. I’d heard that Julie Scrumptious round the corner did excellent bacon sandwiches, so I decided to check them out.

Julie Scrumptious 18/01/2013
Tasty. It was reheated in the microwave, so it wasn't very crispy.
Proper Fried Egg! Result!
I decided to splash out the extra 30p for a baguette. I wasn't disappointed
£5.15 for a baguette & a coffee. Not bad
Set the bar pretty high for my first review of 2013


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One Response to Julie Scrumptious – Worthing

  1. Baconstrips says:

    I never realised you had a whole blog dedicated to bacon sandwiches.

    I salute you.

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